Vance Plants








Not Chosen

Mount of Choice:

Canthan Raptor, in verdant greens.

Minipet of Choice:

Mini Sylvari Hound


Master Carver


Distant lands were seen in Vance's dream; in particular bamboo and masses of fire. His dream scared him in a way, because he considered fire to be an element for Sylvari to fear. Encouraged by the actions he had heard of his own kind helping fight Elder Dragons, he decided to face his dream and leave Celedon Forest for further shores.
He ended up in Elona, where he travelled the deserts, learning how plants were cultivated in his difficult landscape, and ended up having to face his fears with fire due to The Forged starting to roam the sands in service to Balthazar, the God of War and Fire. He found himself coming full-circle with his fear, and coming to love and respect fire - choosing to build himself a flamethrower and devote his fighting style to it.
News of things stirring up in Canthan began to come through the winds, and so Vance decided his dream was leading him there, although for what purpose he doesn't yet know. With the fire under his control, he's slowly making his way to the Shing Jei Monastery.


Vance was technically my second level 80, but he was boosted up to it, so it doesn't count. It was also a terrible idea, because it took me forever to work out how to WORK an engineer. When I found the Low Impact Flamethrower Build and he got a LOT more fun to play and a back-story just popped right up for him.

I made Vance to play alongside my friend's Necrogirl, based on his canon GF... But we rarely ended up playing together so far, so maybe one day these two will meet up again in game. Until then, he's just running around Path of Fire while I have my fingers in my ears trying not to ruin the experience for when Charon plays. But Vance is unlocking mounts, so good boy.

The OC Vance is part-Spanish and part-Japanese, but I chose not to give him any of the new faces, because... they were very caricature yellowfacey tbh.

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