Phoenix Reese




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None, they're bigger than him.


The Extra Life


Reese's mother didn't want him, and he found himself bounced from a step-father, to someone his step-father knew, to someone else and then finally he ended up with an Inquest member. He was a smaller than average progeny, and very easy for all those who came to take care of him to actually take extreme advantage of him. He was belittled and abused for years, particularly when he came under control of the Inquest, who experimented on him often. Reese came to believe that the nice things he heard about, such as friendship or love, were just tales of make-believe that people needed to tell themselves because life was so bleak and horrible.
As he grew older, he ran out of fear and fell into a strong apathy that he continues to have to this day. He spoke openly of how he wanted to die and how he hoped he would. When the experiments on him continued to not quite kill him, Reese decided to adopt the nickname Phoenix for himself. His obsession with suicide idealation lead to him to practise Necromancy in private, from what he could pick up and learn from all he heard and saw around him.
He managed to escape from the Inquest one day, but not through his own means. A large Golem went haywire, and in the ensuring confusion Reese was able to run away. He spent a week sure that they would come find him and bring him back - but after days out in the open of the Brisbane Wildlands, he realised that wasn't true. He had to wonder what else he had been told wasn't true, and so he started to explore through Tyria alone, learning as he went.


*points at Reese* Baby. Baby boy.
Okay, babyNB.
Reese is a special OC for me. He was me trying again after a long break to make OCs with people, and also make somewhat indulgent or unbelieveable backstory characters again. His canon is extremely dark, and that's why his story in GW2 has to be the same. I do love the little brat though.

I wasn't planning on making any Asura since I wasn't a huge fan of them and couldn't get any character to work, but once again I FOUND A HAIR and had to do it. Its perfect for my bb Reese. Plus he thinks he's better than anyone else, so Asura works.

In GW1 I made tons of 'female' characters that were actually males. This is the first time I used a famale base for a male-bodied character in GW2. Just strange.

Reese is basically me attempting to play a Necro without using Minion Mastery, but... its pretty hard doing that. Hopefully when I have him big enough I can specialise him as a Reaper and have a lot more fun. Until then he's using wells and cutting himself up with knives.

(He is so bitty and tiny, it is impossible to get a good picture up close so I have to use cutscenes...)

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