I'm the only person in the world who cares about my GW characters, but I need somewhere to talk about them, and neocities is here, letting me live my old early 2000s life and make a website about them.
God bless them.

Guild Wars 2


Charon Rakke
Cinder Rakke
Vance Plants
Koofie Snowflower


Darryn Miquiztli
Marigold Winslow
Lulu Lapin


Vicky Jaala
Shinii Rakke
Octavia Deloran


Phoenix Reese

I have no Charr characters, because I will never forget. (Also because despite being a huge furry, none of the looks appeal enough to me or fit my OCs. Huh.)

Guild Wars 1

Account 1

Pesti Lence
Tipol Zepher
Life Silana
Cate Shamatic
Ril Zepher
Drag Queen Mab
Elara Keane
Bootle Moss

Account 2

Daritania Tejin
Pain Phull
Shana Felis
Speke Fishie
James Darby
Speke Moss
Rand Omgai
Guinevere Pendragon
Shrikari Felis
Li Ying Cheung
Mumbli Juggs

Account 3

Darryn Reaper
Narcissa Silana
Morgan Gallo
Roby Moss
Gin Brandy Port
Sophia Lenoir
Honey Rashel Jacque
Commander Zakaariss
Darryn Miquiztli


Salads I want to make

Listen, here's the thing. I don't have any OCs to fit these looks, nor do I have any slots at the moment to make them, but I really want to have these stupid salads in my life. Until then, they are going here.

Salad 001 - Mr "I'll fuck your whole family". I love the idea of a very femme coloured Sylvari boy with scars all over. I would probably give him a wider frame and make him a warrior, or maybe even my first Revenant.
Salad 002 - Mr "I'm so cool they call my dick Mr Freeze". Again, colours are yes for me, and the new face, yes yes. I think he's like a reincarnation of my Death from GW1, so he'd be a Mesmer for sure.
Salad 003 - Ms "Banana Hammock 2021". I want a banana coloured Sylvari. So much. The new hair with the swoop is very hammock-like, so banana-hammock. Perfect. Yes. I couldn't make her a mesmer too though, that would be nuts. In order to get a Sylvari in every flavour she'd have to be a Ele. It suits her dumb face.
Salad 004 - Ms "Basic Ass Bitch Hair". I feel like everyone has this hair, and if they don't every NPC does. But I secretly like the hair and want to use it. In fact I toyed with making Shinii a Sylvari once long ago TO use the hair. Which was ugh, but THIS little tomato baby would be so CUTE! And with those blind coloured eyes, she could be a Ranger and have pets as her guide animals. IMAGINE IT.
Salad 005 - Mr "I can't decide whether you should live or die on your hair but its cool cos you're not getting made anyway". I was lamenting that there's a character in the game whose face we don't get, but I was told we DO get it and look. We do. I love mushroom dealie-boppers so much. I think the first hair suits best but who knows? I just love the green glow and the mushrooms and God. I should not want so many Salads. What could he even be? Whatever Salad 1 wasn't, I guess.

This Website

Hosted, of course, by Neocities and much thanks to them for bringing the world of personal sites back to us. I, for one, missed getting annoyed at finding out what ONE thing I hadn't done to make a i-frame work.

The layout I made myself with my very archaric web skills, the image I drew from a screenshot of my Necro boy Charon. It was just barely above being traced, so don't throw me anything but shade on that.
The text on the layout comes from various parts of GW lore and is owned by Arenanet. They're specifically from the Scriptures of Grenth and the Parable of Lyssa