Koofie Snowflower









Mount of Choice:

Kintsugi Raptor, in black and whites

Minipet of Choice:



Dark Traveler


Koofie's dream was near a nightmare - and that's hardly surprising given that she emerged during the height of Elder Dragon Mordremoth's campaign to take down the Pale Tree. She awoke confused as to if she should turn towards the whisperings of this evil Dragon, stay under the influence of the Pale Tree or maybe even try and become Soundless.
She stayed alone as much as she could, trying to fight the urges pulling her in all directions and trying to find her own mind, and her own desires and drives. For peace of mind, she went where she thought everything would be quietest, where it would be far from any reach good or bad, and she travelled to the Shiverpeaks. She found comfort there in the quiet and snow, learning to survive in the harsh climate and honing her skills.
Now that it is peaceful - at least from Mordremoth's evil - she is willing to venture away from the chills and cold, and see what help she can be in the world, and try and find out what her purpose is.


Newest baby, thanks to my BF for the birthday character slot (as of Dec 2021). Koofie is based on an INCREDIBLY OLD OC because why shouldn't? Why shouldn't I indulge in cringe? - Also, the new hairs. The new faces. I HAD to use them and I wanted to do with this Black and White look. So it really worked for this old arctic character. She's just so damn pretty, how dare you.

But no, I did not mean for her to have the exact same choices as Cinder minus class. I don't know how that happened, except that... you know. There's only three choices per thing. Pff.

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