Cinder Rakke








The Vigil

Mount of Choice:

Her own feet.

Minipet of Choice:

Mini Rytlock




Cinder came out of the dream full of energy, strength and love for all - and with Zhaitan the Undead Elder Dragon raging across the world at the same time, she didn't have to wait long to use all her attributes to help people.
She joined the Vigil, believing strongly in their ideals and their way of doing things. Cinder was a small, girlie-girl, but she was damn good at smacking people with her hammer and guardian flame. She worked closely with Warmaster Forgal Kernsson, coming to have a crush on the old Norn warrior although she didn't dare speak of it to him or anyone else, especially since he called her "the kid I should've had.". This was the one secret the chatty girl ever kept close to her heart. Unfortunately, at the Fall of Claw Island to Zhaitan's minions, Forgal was amongst the many lives that were lost - sacrificing himself. Cinder was devastated, and couldn't bring herself to fight anymore. Zhaitan was eventually overthrown, but Cinder had no part in it. Her heart broken, she is finding it hard to be the girl she was when she emerged from her dream and wanders alone right now.


Yeah, my first character to work with the Vigil and she goes and crushes on the old Norn. Go figure. But it's certainly given her an interesting backstory.

Cinder isn't related to Charon apart from being Sylvari, but she gets the same family name because the OC she'd based on is his little sister. Man, I should have just given all my GW characters the same surname. But I'm not as cool as some of my friends.

Cinder was made PURELY because I saw the rose hair and could NOT leave it. I mean Cinder is known for her shitty bunches, I had to do it to 'em. I do kinda love playing her though, although she's not even level 80 in all this time. But apparently she can only have sadness if she doesn't have her twin. Wah.

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